Security Consultancy Division

In this age of progress and business competition, every business is required to cope with a various of security threats. some of them within and some from out side. the professional person that specializes in handling and dealing with these threts is the CSO – Chief Security Officer. Most business are threatened by: unauthorized / unsupervised entry, theft of inventory / money / corporate secrets, robbery, inventory irregularities / leaks and losses of products in the supply chain , sabotage / vandalism , employee fraud / theft / embezzlement, conflict of interests, violence, infringements of intellectual property rights, lack of supervision in the employee recruiting process, etc.

Our company specializes in CSO services and has 30 years of experience in this field.
Our Chief Security Officers are qualified as security managers according to Israeli Police standards and focus on managing all of the crucial security issues for our clients, including:

  • Security surveys

  • Risk management

  • Personnel screening

  • Management instruction as for security issues

  • Formulation of security procedures and their implementation

  • Formulation of information security procedures and their implementation

  • Loss prevention

  • Supply chain supervision

  • Inventory irregularities

  • Employee fraud

  • Suspect interrogation

  • Characterization and planning of Electronic Security systems

  • Secret shopper

Our other divisions provide professional assistance and solutions as for complex investigations, polygraph testing, electronic security systems, TSCM – Technical Surveillance Countermeasures.
We also offer Security consultancy in fields of homeland security, maritime security, airport security and offer unique solutions.