Polygraph & Screening Division

Certified polygraph institute that performs Polygraph examinations in many languages in Israel & over the Globe. The polygraph examination is an important tool that is used in many different fields of the modern life. Polygraph validity research shows more than 90% accuracy in deception detection. Research shows that the examiner factor and the examiners experience significantly affect the reliability and accuracy of the polygraph test.
Our polygraph examiners are certified & very experienced and are also recognized as expert witnesses in Israeli court. Our examiners are members of the Israeli and European polygraph examiners associations. We have performed thousands of polygraph tests over the years and use State of the art Polygraph equipment Both conventional & computerized.

Due to the global COVID-19 pandemic we follow social distancind rules & wearing a face mask is mandatory while entering our office.

We provide polygraph services to different sectors :

Business Sector :

Pre-Employment polygraph: The law in Israel prohibits the employer from asking the applicant for criminal record documentation or criminal record information.
Research has shown that a person who has betrayed his employer’s trust in the past will most likely betray an employer’s trust in the future.
The pre-employment polygraph test is the tool for proper screening of applicants and for revealing their prior betrayal of their employer’s trust and their
Prior involvement in work place theft / fraud / embezzlement that were not investigated by the police . the test also reveals the real cause for prior employment termination since most applicants
Will not disclose during a job interview any information regarding their involvement in work place criminal acts or their being suspected in the past of theft / fraud / embezzlement
By their prior employers. The pre-employment polygraph test includes filling a personal questioner by the applicant, a personal interview and the polygraph test.

Periodical polygraph: The periodical polygraph test is used for periodical testing of employees who have access to corporal secrets, money, inventory, and employees who
Work with suppliers and clients. the purpose of the periodical test is to produce and maintain an atmosphere of supervision among the employees and to expose and prevent their betrayal of their employers trust .

Specific polygraph: The specific polygraph is used to check a specific issue such as an employee being suspected of theft / fraud / embezzlement / selling of corporal secrets etc.
It is also used after employee interrogation regarding their suspected involvement in an incident and after getting their version of the story – to make sure that their confession or denial
Are accurate and complete .

Private Sector :

Polygraph tests for civil disputes/ matrimonial issues/ Insurance claims/ when a person wants to prove his innocence after being suspected of doing something he did not do/
Polygraph tests for lawyers who want to know if their client is telling the truth so that they can decide if to represent them

Forensic polygraph testing for court cases :

The civil court in Israel allows to submit polygraph results when both sides agree , and the polygraph results have a direct effect on the judge’s decision since based upon them he decides which side is telling the truth and which side is lying .
We preform many polygraph examinations for civil court cases and our polygraph examiners are recognized as expert witnesses in Israeli court.