Investigations Division

Boehm Ronen Investigations Firm is licensed by the Israeli ministry of justice as a private investigations firm and is registered at the Israeli bureau of Private Investigations. Our investigators are licensed and most of them are former Police detectives / investigators , former Military police investigators , former GSS investigators .

We perform covert & upfront investigations, Suspect interrogation, stakeouts & surveillance activity, operating and investigating in the fields of Collecting of evidence for court cases, intellectual property, counterfeit products, business, corporal, theft, embezzlement, fraud, forensic, insurance, mystery shopper, matrimonial, etc. All services are provided by highly trained and experienced private investigators, collecting evidence with state of the art concealed video & audio equipment. All of our services are provided in the most professional way, according to the client’s needs and according to local / state law and regulations. We work in Israel and also Worldwide .

We specialize in prevention and exposure of employee fraud, theft and embezzlement in businesses, organizations, institutions and corporations, offering unique services in these fields. We also specialize in Intellectual Property investigations – and performed thousands of IP rights investigations for some of the world’s leading companies .

Our investigations division works together with our technical division for surveillance , video evidence etc. and also works with our polygraph division in cases that involve multiple suspects and also after suspect interrogation to see if the suspects version of the story is correct and complete . Our Polygraph examiners are certified and very experienced polygraph experts that performed thousands of polygraph tests in Israel and all over the Globe .

  • Pre-employment investigations & Background checks

  • Employee fraud / theft / embezzlement

  • Inventory irregularities

  • Covert / undercover investigations

  • Conflict of interest investigations

  • Intellectual Property investigations

  • Stake outs & Surveillance

  • Corporal espionage exposure

  • Secret shopper

  • Financial investigations

  • Matrimonial / Divorce cases

  • Detective work

  • Collecting of evidence for court cases

  • Polygraph testing